Business of Yoga Success Course

Over the past seven years teaching yoga full time, I have had a lot of fun defying popular messages about yoga teachers making little money, or having to live on the fringe of society. With the right mindset and professional practices, I have found quite the opposite to be true:

Being a yoga teacher means the possibilities for success are limitless.

A few years ago when I was filing my taxes and realized that I had earned more than my father did in his prime as a lawyer, I knew this to be true.

To further my point, here are a few noteworthy professional accomplishments:

  • Creating signature programs for Equinox Fitness Clubs, and being flown to major cities around the country (plus London) to share and train dozens of other fitness professionals in my formats.
  • Acting as spokesperson for Regeneration for Equinox and Yoga Tune Up®, appearing in major EQX ad campaigns and on ExtraTV,, the upcoming Balance Festival in London and presenting at ECA World Fitness Conference.
  • Co-creating a 200-hour teacher training at Dou Yoga that bolstered my professional reputation and income, while also deeply connecting me with my own understanding and expertise.
  • Becoming lead teacher trainer for Yoga Tune Up®, leading trainings at prestigious and interesting spots such as Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, SOHO YogaWorks, and a charming little studio called YogaZone in Corigaline Ireland :).
  • Designing and starring in the recently released Yoga Fundamentals series for
  • Presenting at ivy league universities Harvard and Yale on topics around yoga therapy and mindfulness.
  • Being hired by Showtime as yoga consultant for the TV show The Affair, doing private coaching with lead actors and even being offered a spot on the show myself.
  • Over the years I have more opportunities than I can possibly fill. I regularly turn down offers for classes, workshops and privates because my schedule is already booked.

These are just a few of my significant career accomplishments that have happened in a relatively short period of time as a professional yoga teacher. And it must be noted that…

The more authentic I am, the more opportunities come my way.

I don’t post anything on social media that I don’t believe in. I teach the methods and messages I deeply value. In no way do I compromise my own ethics or beliefs in my teaching or public presentation.

I have made a career out of being true to myself and I believe that you can too.

Yoga teachers regularly reach out to me seeking advice to bring their career to the next level, but cannot afford one-one-one coaching that would go in-depth enough to truly transform their career trajectories.

But if you know me at all, you know I LOVE to help others uncover their own unique gifts and go big for the career (and life) they want!

So I decided to put together a group coaching program to help teachers take their business to the next level, without breaking the bank. Check it out…

The Business of Yoga Success Course

Five Sunday Evening Sessions ~ April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 
All sessions 8-9pm EST
*Group is limited to 6 participants

Topics Covered:

  • Week 1: Dreamscape – Most of us don’t have just one career dream, we have several possible paths that pique our enthusiasm and interest. In the first week you will examine your various possible dream paths to get to know your conscious and unconscious professional desires. This will orient and focus the work to come.
    • Private Session 1 – Between Week 1 and Week 2 we will schedule a 1/2 hour private session to identify unconscious drives and customize your professional goals.
  • Week 2: Here & Now – In the second week you will delve into the reality of where you make most of our profit, and spend most of your energy in the here and now. By holding this up against your Dreamscape, you will be able to consciously decide where to spend your precious energy and make a clear and definite plan on how to move forward.
  • Week 3: Get Special – Specialization is the key to exponentially enhancing your earnings and professional stature, but it’s more than meets the eye. In Week 3 you will learn how to both move towards clear professional expertise, and highlight your own “specialness” through all you do. This gives you an irreplaceable presence, and incomparable market value.
    • Private Session 2 – Between Week 3 and Week 4 we will schedule a private session to ensure that you’ve got a detailed plan for Specialization that’s completely unique to You.
  • Week 4: To Market To Market! – In the fourth week you get granular by building a marketing platform template that reflects your values and goals as a professional yoga teacher. This is the connective tissue between your career dreams and the here and now. And don’t worry, it won’t be carved in stone. It’ll be fluid – like fascia. So you can keep working with it and customizing it to your evolving career as time goes on.
  • Week 5: The Art of Allowing – In our final week you will identify the practices that keep you in balance pursuing your goals, while also being open to the ways that Spirit guides you. Sometimes working less and meditating more is actually what will lift your career to the next level! This week is all about fostering a deep sense of trust in yourself and your future.

What You Get for Your Money

This five-week course is a distillation of my most potent self-inquiry and career-building practices and habits that have kept me moving, growing and earning as a professional yoga and meditation instructor. By moving through the Yoga Biz Coaching Course, you will customize these practices to your path.

  1. Five topic-specific Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom video conference
  2. Two half-hour individual sessions (during Week 2 and Week 4)
  3. Weekly homework exercises to customize the topics to your goals
  4. Review and feedback on all homework to inspire next-level thinking
  5. A support group of other yoga professionals – there’s something about the group mind that tends to take everyone to the next level 🙂


Space is limited to 6 participants to maximize the attention I give each person.

Apply NOW by sending me a note through this link saying “Save me a seat!” to grab your spot. 

*ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE READY TO SERIOUSLY DIVE IN. This course will ask you to dig deep on a lot of levels and I don’t want you to waste your time and money. If you’re ready to put it in fifth and press the pedal to the metal, I’d love to have you!


From a private coaching client…

During our first session I was able to tap into the essence of what I truly wanted and why. I uncovered how I want to experience myself professionally and she provided me with tools to manifest my goals.

These little seeds helped give me a supportive shove into my development as a full time yoga teacher and successful businesswoman. Today I’ve built a solid foundation for my career to continue to flourish and I happily make a living on my terms.

We were never meant to do this alone, and Ariel is a great woman to help you recognize your greatest potential for yourself and those you serve.