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Dream BIG

A Workshop About Making Your Dreams Come True

Sunday Jan 14th, 1-3pm
YogaSole, Windsor Terrace, BK

$40REGISTER (All my profits will be donated to a special project to support underserved youth through Donor’s Choose)

The New Year is the perfect time refresh your hopes and reconnect to your dreams. In this workshop you will uncover and align with your heart’s desires and bring meditative focus to the next steps necessary to activate your dreams.

However, there is usually a very real reason you haven’t fully followed your dreams yet. So Ariel will also guide you to explore imprints of fear and resistance – to find out where they manifest in your energy field, and to deeply listen to the messages they contain. Through hearing and processing the inner resistance, you will bring all parts of yourself into alignment.

This workshop features a combination of physical poses, meditation, pranayama breathwork, and written self-reflection. Please bring a journal.

All ages, levels and dreams welcome…


Peace & Love Workshop

Dou Yoga in Clinton Hill BK

In this one-of-a-kind workshop with Ariel Kiley you will practice movement, self-massage, breath and meditation techniques to release discomforts and regain a sense of lightness and harmony within.
We will engage in simple flowing and rocking stretches to relax tissues while soothing the nervous system. We will practice breath techniques to expand and empower the muscle of your heart. The workshop will culminate with a meditative journey into a place of deep peace.
Appropriate for all levels. MORE INFORMATION

Breakup Title

The Beauty of the Breakup

Saturday Night, Sep 30, 6:30-9:30pm at Dou Yoga in Clinton Hill, BK


Are you still suffering pangs of loss, anger, resentment or unrequited love from a past relationship? Do you wish for resolution from that breakup, so you can finally move on with your life?

In this workshop and ritual, you will process unresolved energies around your most significant breakup. You will examine why that person is still “alive” inside you. You will attune to the lessons from the relationship that you haven’t fully heard. You will confront the memories that have been haunting you… so you can step forward into the light of realization.

It ain’t over til it’s over. And it won’t be over until you unearth the beauty of it.

For all ages/bodies/relationship statuses. REGISTER

Yoga for Healing

A $10 donation gets you an hour of healing yoga with all the proceeds going to charity. Join us for light refreshments after class. REGISTER

All funds raised will go directly to assisting our WGirls chapter in developing programs to enrich the experience of women residing at Odyssey House. OH runs one of NYC’s only residential treatment facility that allows women to care for their children while they attend rehab.

PAST WORKSHOPS… that might come around again soon…

Core Awakening BB

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