Operation Obliterate Debt

My financial strategy for many years has been simple: make enough money to afford being a financial idiot.

Considering how ridiculous this plan sounds, it has worked surprisingly well. Basically, I try to make significantly more money than my basic expenses. Then when a surplus of funds accumulates in my bank account, I go have fun!

I’m not one to max out credit cards and build up mega idiot debt (anymore), but I have taken a pretty lackadaisical approach to student loan payments. I’ve historically patted myself on the back when I contribute an extra $7-$25 to a monthly fee. And I still have tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

Meanwhile that same month I give an extra $12 to a student loan, you might find me chucking $150 out on a pair of shoes I wear just a few times. Not cute.

The fact that I’ve somehow learned to value a pair of metatarsal-ramjobbing 3-inch heels over financial freedom is kinda freaky.

It is so normal, so expected to have debt. But it’s also kinda creepy how we all buy-in, don’t you think? I don’t want to do it anymore. I want to obliterate my remaining $36,000 in debt once and for all.

So I’ve been hitting the books hard and making all kinds of charts and venn diagrams (just kidding I don’t know what a venn diagram is). I hereby declare that I’m changing my financial strategy!

In addition to the wisdom I learned last summer about slashing spending, I’m adding new plans involving using an actual budget, and purposely earning more than I spend…

Goodbye financial dumbass, hello debt obliterator! I’ll let you know what the exact plan is soon…

But in the meantime I wonder what your financial strategy is? And is it working for you?

I’m open to recommendations and tips!

Xoxo Ariel


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16 thoughts on “Operation Obliterate Debt

  1. Alex S says:

    What a great objective! It feels so much better to live without a debt chip on your shoulder!

    I personally use an App called Daily Budget. It is super simple and this is why it works so well for me. You just set your earnings, your fixed expenses and saving goals and it gives you a budget that you can use daily. It just requires to enter manually your spending. You can also save a bit of that daily budget everyday and when the stash is big enough, buy that pair of shoes – guilt free because hey, that’s what life is about!

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  2. Jennifer Kornfed says:

    Clearly I’m reading this post and now awaiting what your strategy is simply because mines has not been working. Years of clearing debt quickly, vacationing and shopping as we please has come to a halt. I don’t know if it is due to our recent career change, recent surgery, continuing my education and recent move or just lack organization and budgeting that we once had. Top it off managing two additional accounts, students loans, and more than 50 percent credit card utilization, has been hard to juggle considering for the last ten years all these things were non-existent. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Either way looking forward any tips. After writing this comment, I am realizing that opening additional savings and checking acct as recommended by my aunt has been a bad decision for me. I like to see all my money in one place and budget off that single account.

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    1. arielkiley says:

      Oh my gosh! What a privilege to have you read my post Dionne! I LOVE “Two Black Guys With Good Credit” – I’ve already listened to 4 episodes since yesterday : ).

      Anyone reading this you MUST check out this super entertaining and incredibly well researched podcast about financial smarts and fiscal freedom. It’s on point! My favorite phrase from it so far is “bling responsibly” http://www.financiallyclean.com


  3. Sibyl says:

    YNAB has totally changed my life. I love MrMoneyMustache, but i can only indulge sometimes because otherwise it tends to make me more anxious about money, rather than less. But check out YNAB… it takes a little while to get going but once you are in the flow of it, it’s awesome!


  4. Nilzeitung says:

    all the best for your plans to help our world so small and at the same time wide spread grants going on ,,, my tip .. there are many photographers with nice pix pictures and so far, reuter and co.


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